2008-0600-0240 Petroleum Dock Hose for Oil Transfer – 6″ ID x 7.35″ OD, 250 PSI Pressure Rating, -40°F to 194°F Temperature Range

2008-0600-0240 Petroleum Dock Hose for Oil Transfer – 6″ ID x 7.35″ OD, 250 PSI Pressure Rating, -40°F to 194°F Temperature Range

This heavy-duty petroleum dock hose is designed for use with oils, petroleum based products, and refined fuels. For use in offshore oil transfer, tank truck, oilfield transfer and oil pumping applications. Rated for up to 50% aromatic content.

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Black Conductive NBR






-40°F to 194°F

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Say hello to the 2008-0600-0240-CS-FXFL, an incredibly robust petroleum dock hose that can tackle a wide collection of applications with ease. With this heavy-duty hose, you can rest assured that it is engineered to withstand even the most challenging and hostile environments. Our extensive range of features ensures that this hose is the ideal option for anyone looking to transfer oils, petroleum-based products, and refined fuels, including offshore oil transfer, tank truck, oilfield transfer, and oil pumping applications. This hose can handle up to 50% aromatic content, making it an excellent choice.

One of the standout features of the 2008-0600-0240-CS-FXFL is its Black Conductive NBR tube, which is incredibly safe to use and ensures that the product being transferred is free from any contamination. Alongside this tube is our high-quality TEXTILE reinforcement, providing optimal durability and enabling the hose to withstand high pressures without bursting. The hose is also fitted with an impressive STEEL helix, which helps it maintain its shape and increases its overall durability.

Temperature tolerance is another vital feature of our dock hose. It has a broad range of temperature tolerance of between -40°F to 194°F, making it ideal for use in a wide range of environments and applications. Our hose’s interior diameter is approximately 6 inches, with an exterior diameter of around 7.35 inches, making it the perfect choice for transferring large volumes of liquid with ease. The hose can withstand a maximum working pressure of 250 psi and has a bursting ratio of 04:01:00 for maximum safety.

Our commitment lies in providing our customers with high-quality industrial hoses at an affordable price. Our dock hose 2008-0600-0240-CS-FXFL guarantees to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations. Do not miss out on the chance to get your hands on a durable, reliable, and cost-effective petroleum dock hose. Order yours today and benefit from the difference!

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